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A Facile Solvent-Free Skraup Cyclization Reaction-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_6-11.pdf109195402/08/13, 10:43 View Download
A Research Note on a Solution of Stefan Problem (ODI-FC-Nov-2011).pdf16484012/29/11, 14:56 View Download
A Simple Method to Separate the Antimicrobial Peptides-IRECHE_VOL_5_N_2.pdf34228405/10/13, 20:29 View Download
Advanced Oxidative Degradation Processes-IRECHE_VOL_5_N_2.pdf51710505/10/13, 20:14 View Download
Algal Biorefinery-a Road towards Energy Independence and.pdf59753811/03/10, 18:15 View Download
Biocoagulants for Water and Waste Water Purification.pdf23101011/03/10, 19:11 View Download
Biodegradation of Diuron in Airlift Reactor by Variovorax sp. SRS16-IRECHE_VOL_5_N_1-9.pdf10140503/23/13, 11:20 View Download
Characterization of Lignocellulosic Biofuels by TGA-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_6-9.pdf32482102/08/13, 10:41 View Download
Critical Analysis of Data Concerning Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.pdf108387302/28/11, 17:40 View Download
Current Processes in Brazilian Biodiesel Production.pdf162445911/03/10, 17:52 View Download
Development of Heavy Metal Sorption Isotherm (ODI-FC-Nov-2011).pdf20308612/29/11, 14:57 View Download
Effect of Adsorption on Degradation-IRECHE_VOL_5_N_2.pdf113405805/10/13, 20:13 View Download
Electrochemistry and Spectroscopy of an Energetic Material FOX-7_VOL_4_N_6-4.pdf74611902/08/13, 10:37 View Download
Ferrofluid Applications in Chemical Engineering.pdf207473811/03/10, 16:55 View Download
Fluidization of Ultrafine Powders- Review--IRECHE_VOL_4_N_1 (16-50).pdf118256809/04/12, 23:33 View Download
G Rein-Review-Smouldering Combustion Phenomena.pdf413130310/28/10, 07:08 View Download
Graft Copolymers of Maleic Anhydride and its Isostructural Analogues.pdf99965504/29/11, 09:30 View Download
Heavy Metal Ions Adsorption on Chitosan-Magnetite Microspheres-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_3-17.pdf16342807/06/12, 16:09 View Download
High Pressure Viscosity Measurement with Falling Body.pdf83516312/13/10, 11:46 View Download
Hybrid First-Principle-Neural Network Correlations-IRECHE_VOL_5_N_1-2.pdf76108303/23/13, 11:15 View Download
Insights into Congo Red Adsorption on Agro-Industrial Materials.pdf87704909/04/12, 23:30 View Download
Integrated Multiphysics Modeling in Materials and.pdf346493311/03/10, 18:14 View Download
Magnetically Responsive Activated Carbons-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_3-14.pdf15947907/06/12, 16:07 View Download
Modeling of Granular Material Mixing Using Fractional Calculus (ODI-FC-Nov-2011).pdf19083712/29/11, 14:58 View Download
Molecular Simulation on Magnetotactic Bacteria's Adsorption-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_3-18.pdf124080507/06/12, 16:10 View Download
Numerical Simulation of Oxygen Diffusion Problems-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_6-15.pdf18953002/08/13, 10:46 View Download
Optimisation of Poly( -Glutamic Acid) Production by Bacillus-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_6-13.pdf28720102/08/13, 10:44 View Download
PREFACE-Special Section on Open Door Initiative (ODI)-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_3-13.pdf5892007/06/12, 16:06 View Download
Performance Evaluation of Ducts with Non-Circular Shapes-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_4.pdf28141409/04/12, 23:29 View Download
Performance Evaluation of Laminar Fully Developed Flow-Part 1-IRECHE_VOL_5_N_1.pdf47362903/23/13, 11:14 View Download
Performance Evaluation of Laminar Fully Developed Flow-Part 2-IRECHE_VOL_5_N_2.pdf56351705/10/13, 20:12 View Download
Phenomenological and Theoretical Analysis-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_4-9.pdf14291709/04/12, 23:29 View Download
Possible Non-Thermal Microwave Effects on the Growth Rate-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_4-2.pdf12882009/04/12, 23:29 View Download
Potential Drug Delivery Applications-IRECHE_VOL_5_N_2.pdf35223205/10/13, 20:24 View Download
Problem, Failure and Safety Analysis of Ammonia Plant-a Review.pdf57731801/17/11, 18:45 View Download
Properties of Soybean Biodiesel Blended with Palm or Tallow-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_4-6.pdf23172309/04/12, 23:29 View Download
Recent Advances in Carbon-Based Sulfonated Catalyst-IRECHE_VOL_5_N_2.pdf96117905/10/13, 20:21 View Download
Recent Advances on Preparation and Characteristics of.pdf83330011/03/10, 17:23 View Download
Rheology on the Way from Dilute to Concentrated Emulsions.pdf36943611/03/10, 19:13 View Download
Silver Recovery from Spent Photographic Solutions-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_3-19.pdf45855207/06/12, 16:11 View Download
Solar Water Heating System with Phase Change Materials.pdf109806612/29/11, 14:40 View Download
Solid Acid Catalyzed Solventless Highly Selective, Effective-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_6-12.pdf33832102/08/13, 10:43 View Download
Stokes Flows of a Newtonian Fluid (ODI-FC-Nov-2011).pdf17021912/29/11, 14:59 View Download
Sulfur Poisoning of Metal Membranes for Hydrogen Separation.pdf50405211/03/10, 17:28 View Download
Technology and Engineering of Biodiesel Production-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_6-14.pdf21667002/08/13, 10:45 View Download
The 319 Major Industrial Accidents Since 1917-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_6.pdf52521102/08/13, 10:34 View Download
The Effect of Coexisted Cu(II), Ni(II), Zn(II) on the Removal of Cr(VI)-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_3-16.pdf22737307/06/12, 16:08 View Download
The Magnetite as Adsorbent for Some Hazardous Species.pdf176865804/29/11, 09:28 View Download
The Role of Nanotechnology in Designing High Performance.pdf938920511/03/10, 18:43 View Download
Thermoeconomical Optimization.pdf38176502/12/11, 15:57 View Download
Transient Flow of a Generalized Second Grade Fluid (ODI-FC-Nov-2011).pdf32454312/29/11, 14:55 View Download
Uranium Removal from Aqueous Solution by Zeolite-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_3-15.pdf25348907/06/12, 16:08 View Download
VIM-A Note on an Improved Variational Iteration Method-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_5-9.pdf9680510/25/12, 14:40 View Download
VIM-An Exercise with the He’s Variation Iteration Method-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_5-8.pdf34477610/25/12, 14:39 View Download
VIM-Application of the Variational Iteration Method for Determining (Hetmaniok)-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_5-12.pdf18919510/25/12, 14:42 View Download
VIM-Applications of the Variational Iteration Method (G.C WU)-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_5-11.pdf17572810/25/12, 14:41 View Download
VIM-Approximate Solution of Fractional Diffusion Equation – Revisited-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_5-10.pdf11279210/25/12, 14:40 View Download
VIM-Efficacy of Variational Iteration Method for Nonlinear-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_5-14.pdf12813810/25/12, 14:44 View Download
VIM-Mathematical Modelling and Transient Analytical Solution-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_5-13.pdf27670910/25/12, 14:43 View Download
VIM-Preface-Special Section on Open Door Initiative (ODI)-IRECHE_VOL_4_N_5-7.pdf7437610/25/12, 14:38 View Download